5 Things Human Scribes Do

Below are 5 things our human scribes do everyday: Our scribes can decipher audio between two different people with two different speaking styles and/or accents. Our scribes can decipher physician’s patient encounters that have multiple people in a room.  For … Read More

Clicking In An EMR

Something to think about.  How many mouse clicks per day would it take an average surgeon to complete his patient’s charts?  I decided to get a rough estimate of this by counting the clicks I require to paste a chart … Read More

Errors – How Many Can You Handle?

PC World cites speech recognition as one of Microsoft’s big weaknesses. The article states that there have been significant advances in the equipment used to record audio and store audio but the actual deciphering of audio is still behind.   … Read More

With Voice Recognition, Humans Do It Better

iScribes was created by Jared Pelo, MD because of a major technology lag in voice recognition.  This lag is especially apparent when using medical terminology with voice recognition.  Wired puts it this way, “the task of providing accurate transcriptions of … Read More

The Great Technology Backfire

NPR published an interesting graph explaining how EMRs have affected Doctor’s clinic days.  It isn’t pretty.  Technology and billing are getting in the way of seeing patients.  Dr. Leora Horowitz explains, “the record systems are poorly organized and never seem … Read More

Physicians Waste 4 Hours Per Week On EMRs

A study was published by JAMA internal medicine which stated Physicians waste 4 hours per week on EMRs.  We here at iScribes are not surprised.  Our CEO started this company due to his personal paperwork problems.  The other interesting fact … Read More

A Brief History of EHRs

An interesting article published by The New England Journal of Medicine delves into the background history of EHRs.  It explains the first EHR was invented in 1966 and amazingly, it was fairly simple to use. The important point the article … Read More

25 Physicians Can’t Be Wrong

EHRs are causing physicians an extreme level of frustration.  Becker’s Hospital Review gathered 25 quotes from physician’s regarding EHRs and their emotions towards them.  These were some of the top complaints – A drop in productivity Trouble finding important information … Read More

ExitEvent Highlights iScribes Latest Funding

The Exit Event featured iScribes in an article today highlighting recent investments in our company.  Also mentioned in the article was our method.  We use real people (virtual scribes) to complete physician’s charts.   The Exit Event provides news, information, … Read More